In the award-winning short film ‘World of Tomorrow’ (2015), a young girl named Emily is contacted by her clone 227 years into the future. The young Emily learns of a complex cloning process that will enable her to live forever in addition to being able to travel through time. Emily also learns about cruder forms of life extension that the less affluent citizens of the future can afford. Her clone introduces Emily to a highly advanced form of the Internet called the ‘Outernet’, a ‘neural network’ that allows her to select specific memories from her life. She also learns that the earth of the future (her clone’s) is about to be destroyed by a meteoroid in 60 days. The people of the future prepare in all sorts of bizarre ways to reconcile with this impending apocalypse. (Hertzfeldt, 2015). This short, dystopian film portrays a vision of a future without hope.

An Alternate Vision

We know that multiple problems afflict all cultures and societies including war, greed, poverty, disease, nationalism, unemployment, sectarianism, terrorism and issues of social justice. Embracing a more optimistic and aspirational vision, Beaconhouse dares to imagine a world of the future in which we may all flourish as unique individuals held together by the tapestries of our cultures, traditions and conjoined history. Through developing our intellectual, emotional and social competencies, we will understand the global phenomena that both afflict us and drive us to create a better world.

A World of Tomorrow hopes to provide a setting to deepen our social discourse by introducing inspirational new ideas. This unique conference will bring together members of the public with leading thinkers from Pakistan and around the world to discuss emerging issues within contemporary societies and how these may contribute to a better future for our children and their children.


A World of Tomorrow will consider the future through five broad and sometimes overlapping dimensions. Each dimension will be explored through a series of panel discussions, debates, presentations, interactive workshops, Hackathons, exhibits and displays, and a foreign film festival. The five dimensions of the conference are:

  • A Digital Future
  • A Balanced Future
  • A Safer Future
  • An Expressive Future
  • An Inclusive Future

Also featuring Gymboree Talks