A Balanced Future

We all bear a significant historical responsibility to ensure comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable economic and social development for a global population. We look toward the future to promote development in the world as a whole, and promote durable common prosperity and equal opportunities to eliminate poverty while minimizing environmental abuse. (Singh & Wen, 2008) This dimension addresses a number of essential questions on a balanced future:

  • How will climate change impact the future of humanity? Is it too late?
  • Can we feed the growing population on the planet without destroying it?
  • Does humanity have a future beyond Planet Earth – or is this merely the stuff of science fiction?
  • Will the world ever be able to eliminate poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, and unequal access to healthcare?
  • Will religious and ethnic minorities remain ‘minorities’ in the future?
  • Will gender equality be achieved through the development of the arts, humanities and sciences? (Rees, et al., 2016)