Lahore Exhibits



3D Human Anatomy

Learning Made Easy
Discover what is inside you and how it works. Watch Biology come to life as you learn human anatomy through enhanced 3D visualisations of various body systems.


3D Production Environment

Dimensions of Creativity Redirected
Get inspired and design a prototype using our 3D printing device. From concept to finished product, discover the astonishing range of products you can create on your own - all while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Artificial Intelligence

Detecting Emotions in the Digital World
Use our AI software to track your facial expressions and measure your emotional state. Explore the emotion recognition software and how it brings emotional intelligence to the digital world and transforms human interaction with technology.


Augmented Reality

Landscape Comes to Life!
We are presenting an augmented reality sandbox with a 3D visualisation application - like a 3D map - to teach Earth science concepts. Watch in awe as you mould and shape the sand with your fingers, hands and arms and the landscape transforms in real time. Explore geographic, geologic and hydrologic concepts by playing with the sand.


Beaconhouse ELE Environment

Transforming Classrooms for Tomorrow
Experience an interactive and engaging Beaconhouse classroom and explore the use of modern digital tools in learning and teaching. Discover the excitement of learning things in new ways while interacting with multisensory digital devices or playing with programmable toys in the classroom.


Beaconhouse Mobile App

Stay Connected
Now access your child's progress and daily classroom routine from the comfort of your phone. View your child’s school attendance, reports and achievements and get notified about special school events through the Beaconhouse App. Find out how to arrange a parent-teacher meeting or connect with Beaconhouse to get the latest updates with just a click.


Digital Gaming in Education


Dig (Mine) and Build (Craft)
This Minecraft exhibit invites you to build Badshahi Mosque or any of the Beaconhouse campuses collaboratively. Experience how Minecraft uses digital gaming to create a unique learning environment and inspires students and teachers to explore mathematical concepts like perimeter, area, and volume in a fun and collaborative setting.



The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Hologram technology offers great advantages for doctors, teachers and advertisers everywhere. Experience looking at these holograms from different angles to see objects appear to move differently and even change colours to give a completely unique view of the objects.


Laser Harp

Strike a Laser Chord
Enjoy a laser harp musical performance and experience the fun of playing a laser harp. Learn to compose music as The Laser Harp demonstrates how modern technologies such as laser beams, sensors and other electronics can be used to create new types of musical instruments.

10 a.


Join Aspiring Scientists
Explore and investigate a range of phenomena at this exhibit with enthusiastic Beaconhouse teachers and students. Participate in a collaborative environment using a large, wide-ranging collection of materials, tools, and technologies at your disposal to create wonders of your own. Join our aspiring scientists as they work on a number of things – from tinkering with electronics to understanding how electric power is generated.

10 b.

CD Robot

Things that Think!
Learn to use proximity sensors, an artificial intelligence technology that is used to create smart environments and gadgets. This sensor does not need to be in contact with any object in order to sense it. Build the CD Robot and see how it works with the proximity sensors.


Real Image - Giant Concave Mirror

Discover Amazing Images!
Explore the wonder of large concave mirrors through demonstration, experimentation and discovery and learn about the optical principles of why and how images are distorted.



Intelligently Responsive Systems
Participate with students in this exciting robot-making exhibit. Learn how physical applications of math, science, design, programming and engineering concepts work together and develop cognitive capabilities, including sequential logic and complex multi-disciplinary problem-solving.


Green Screen Room

Photographers Delight
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the use of green screens in media and newsrooms to create special effects. Learn about techniques of compositing that are used in the news broadcasting, motion picture and video game industries.


Simulated and Immersive Environments

Classrooms of Tomorrow
Explore how technology reacts and responds to your input and allows you to instruct, communicate and enjoy learning. Labster and Interactive Physics are the two platforms that take you inside the Classroom of Tomorrow.


Bernoulli Blower

Experimenting with Air
Explore the basic concepts of aerodynamics (pressure and lift) and forces (pushes and pulls) by doing an experiment with air.


Virtual Reality

Boundless World of Imagination
Interact with the world of your own imagination through Virtual Reality technologies. Visualise how this immersive technology helps students learn in more engaging ways in a digitally-generated, three-dimensional environment.



Innovation Beneath your Feet
Step on to the WizeFloor, an interactive floor which promotes collective and differentiated learning styles. Students learn according to their unique needs through play and physical activity.



Learning to be Smart and Fit
Wear the smart tech wrist-worn devices and trackers and learn how to stay smart and fit by monitoring your health and fitness.



Learn Electronics with Arduino
Experience how it feels to be an artist or a designer by creating interactive objects and environments of your own. The exhibit includes musical instruments, a temperature-sensing Love-O-Meter, a spaceship interface panel, a motorised pinwheel, and a magic crystal ball that answers all your questions.